Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot F036N (4558644478037)
Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot F036N (4558644478037)

Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot F036N

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Attach zippers and pipings easily with the Adjustable Zipper and Piping Foot. It's position can be adjusted exactly on the edge of the zipper/piping, avoiding the non-flat parts of them.

  • The foot presses the fabric with just the right pressure.
  • Adjustable zipper foot for left or right seams.
  • Adjustable guide to accommodate varying piping dimensions.
  • ingle stitch opening for accurate and perfect straight stitch creation.
  • Requires Low Shank Adapter XF3613001 for XP1, XV, and V-Series machines.
  • Art. No XC1970052

Compatible Machines

LS14, LX17, LX25, XR27NT, XR37NT, FS250FE, FS130QC, FS210, Innov-is 15, Innov-is A16, Innov-is A50, Innov-is A60, Innov-is A80, Innov-is A150, Innov-is F420, Innov-is NV1100, Innov-is NV1300, Innov-is NV1800Q, Innov-is VQ2, Innov-is F480, Innov-is M280D, Innov-is NV2600, Innov-is V7, Innov-is Luminaire XP1, Innov-is XV, Innov-is V5LE, Innov-is Stellaire XJ1

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